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Weather condition: 6°C and it's sunny! Perfect time to take a nap.

Keeping old hardware alive since 2008, my favourite color is different, my favourite synthesizer is dusty and my favourite music is playing. I sleep very well - that's probably because I don't sleep very much. Dogs are funny, smelly and selfish beings - which is why I like them. I like humans too - especially how they all lie to themselfes about the nobility of their intentions…sweet! I have some really nasty thoughts sometimes! I like space travel (Elite Dangerous anyone?). I also like to travel this very (surreal) planet. I stand strong for privacy and autonomy and have nothing to spare for security, the tyranny of simplicity and feminism…- Basically I enjoy being a part of all the fuss. With some luck you'll have my support and devoted attention. Godspeed.

PS: I want a climate change. Please let me know if you happen to have one or two.

PPS: My cat is watching you!



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Riding On…

BlueBloodBeauty is inherited from my grandfather. I got Tean when Yellow Bird (1991' TREK 6000 - rigid, 6061-T6 straight gauge, Suntour XC-LTD) was forced away from me (stolen). Hail to the thief - you got good taste! As for me, I was brokenhearted. I can only hope that Yellow Bird got over the shock and is flying still. I love my bikes.