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prodatum - made to control

prodatum is a cross-platform patch editor for the E-mu Proteus 1000/2000 sample based synthesizer family ('PXK' for short; supported devices are listed below). It is written in C++, uses FLTK for it's user-interface and portmidi for MIDI IO.

prodatum is free software: you may run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software under the terms of the GNU General Public License. If you like prodatum please consider to donate and/or to subscribe to the prodatum-users mailing list for occasional details on updates, discussion and support.

  • Logical, musical interface
  • Controls for (almost) all parameters of the synthesizer
  • Extensive tooltips for all parameters
  • Cubic volume faders, arp editor, virtual keyboards, envelope editor
  • Undo/Redo/Reset
  • Customizable colors and resizeable interface
  • Program im-/export with drag and drop support
  • Supports multiple synthesizers
  • Cross platform
  • Portable configuration option
  • Online manual
prodatum draft

System Requirements

Operating System:
  Mac OS X 10.6 or later /
  Linux (Kernel with Alsa support) /
  Windows XP or later
    *** prodatum binaries are compiled on Win 7, OS X Snow Leopard
    *** and Arch Linux. Let me know if you encounter issues while using a
    *** more recent Operating system.

  i486 or better, 64bit support for the Linux binary version

Screen Resolution:
  1024x768 pixels (less will do when resized)

MIDI Interface (Bidirectional connection required)
    *** If you use Windows make sure to install the device driver from
    *** the manufacturer even if Windows detects your device correctly.
    *** (see note below)

One or more of these synthesizers:
  Rack Modules /
    Vintage Pro, Audity 2000 (v2),
    Proteus 2000, Proteus 1000,
    B-3, XL-1, Virtuoso 2000,
    Mo'Phatt, B-3 Turbo, XL-1 Turbo,
    Mo'Phatt Turbo, Planet Earth,
    Planet Earth Turbo, Proteus 2500
    or Orbit 3
  Keyboards /
    Vintage Keys, PK-6, XK-6,
    MK-6 or Ensoniq Halo
  Command Stations /
    PX-7, XL-7 or MP-7

  Latest OS for your device,
  Multiple sample ROM's,
  MIDI Keyboard,
  stereo speakers or headphones

If your USB MIDI device manufacturer does not provide a driver, I can recommend the KORG USB MIDI drivers. They will most likely work with any USB MIDI device and do a better job than those provided by Microsoft.

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latest is v2.0.1 (CHANGELOG)

v2.0.1 fixes preset editing for Command Stations (and possibly Proteus 2500). Special thanks to Karl T. from Norway for donating me one of his Command Stations. Without you this would not have been possible, Karl. You are awesome!
Jan Mann 29.1.2015

v2.0.0 is gold! Be happy or don't! Just be!
Janus 30.3.2014

v2.0.0 is close. Many bugs have been fixed since v1.0.0 and there have been improvements in every corner. Most notably: better support for multiple PXK's and the new, more consistent look. New synchronization logic should help with bitching machines and the loading popup window is gone because I felt it was 'too noisy'. I plan to release v2.0.0 in early April.
Janus 2.3.2014

2.0rc1_hot1 hotfix released! I fucked up release day...
Janus 18.2.2014

2.0rc1 released! Oh happy day. See changelog for some details.
Janus 17.2.2014

I have started working on prodatum again. The code is quite a mess and I am in the process of refining the nonfunctional attributes of the code. This basically means: no new features (or are there ;), fewer bugs and better maintainability (is that even a word?).
Janus 15.2.2014

Added a Wiki and a Bugtracker for prodatum.
Janus 23.5.2013

A Linux x86_64 build is available now.
Janus 11.5.2013

3.502 downloads now! Do you like prodatum? Please let me know (rdxesy at yahoo de)!
Janus 16.11.2012

v1.0.0 has been downloaded 1.241 times as of today. Woohoo! Thanks to everyone who has donated - I really appreciate it.
Janus 16.10.2011 (I want to donate!)

prodatum v1.0.0 released! Thanks to everyone who came up with ideas, bugs and money. Please continue to do so. In peace grandma. You were a nice person, a little noisy maybe. † 21.4.2011

I've updated the site to make better use of available space and moved all the heavy, prodatum unrelated stuff to a new page. I've also enabled cache-control for ├╝ber-fast and up-to-date page loading. Janus, 16.4.2011

v0.99 released. We are aproaching v1.00 really fast now! Until then there will be no more new features, only bug killing parties (:) and oddness removals. Please report anything that's worth killing (:) or just doesn't feel right so that v1.00 will be rock solid and worth it's version number. Janus, 5.4.2011